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Mermaid Hair

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If there's one trend that's been around for ages with no signs of disappearing anytime soon it's pastel hair. With Halloween just around the corner could there be a better time to experiment with a daring new hair colour?  With the new release of Bleach London Hair Dyes onto the high street, having a mane to rival My Little Pony certainly looks like the next big thing.


Whether its pink, green, blue or lilac, pastel is definitely the new black! For a full on mermaid look go for an all over colour - or even better, a mixture of pastel colours, how amazing is the silver/lilac/turquoise/pink combination pictured above? For a more subtle look go for a few streaks of colour or dip dye.


The only thing that has put me off trying out this trend is that I thought that only blonde haired girls could get away with it. However, after a little bit of research I found these pictures - proof that pastel hair looks good on brown and black hair also, so fellow dark-haired girls don't need to be left out of the mermaid hair gang. Now the only problem I have is deciding which colours to go for!


Super cool Dalston based salon Bleach London have recently started stocking their own hair dye in Boots in an array of amazing colours. (Note their Nirvana inspired name and logo, can they get any better?!) For a temporary look go for hair chalks - chalks that you simply apply to strands of your hair, providing some fun colour that washes out in the shower! You can find hair chalks popping up all over the high street from Claire's to H&M and Topshop.

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