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Beauty Inspiration : Anna Karina

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Ahoy Sailors! It's time for Thursday's beauty post and this week it is all about make up. I think I have mentioned before that the 60's was my favourite era for style and beauty, if I had a time machine I would happily go back to the sixites in an instant and spend my days riding a Vespa dressed in my finest Mary Quant! Today I will be talking about one of my inspirations from that decade when it comes to all things beauty related - the lovely Anna Karina.annakarina

Anna Karina is an actress best known for her performance in 'Une femme est une femme', and was muse and wife of French new wave director Goddard. It is no surprise that he was inspired by Anna as she is incredibly beautiful, with amazing style. One of the things I love most is her make up and it is a look that I try to recreate on an every day basis. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75WyOWr-9wE] If you are not already familiar with Anna Karina here is a little interview with the woman herself, I promise you after watching it you will want to be her/ run away to Paris. Now onto the make up...


Anna's make up was feminine but low maintenance and natural, with dewy skin, contoured cheekbones and winged eyeliner and her trademark messy block fringe.  It isn't hard to see where a certain Alexa Chung gets her beauty inspiration from! makeup

To recreate Anna Karina's look start off by using a light weight dewy base such as Nars Sheer glow, this will give your skin a flawless finish without looking like you are wearing a lot of make up, for a more purse friendly option Maybelline 'nearly naked foundation' is also amazing! Unfortunately we are not all blessed with chiseled cheekbones like Anna's (sob) but using a matte bronzer will create an illusion of cheekbones while giving your skin a healthy bronzed glow. Use a felt tip liner like Soap and Glory's 'Supercat Liner' to create a winged eyeliner and add some individual lashes to the end of your eye lases to add to the cat like look without looking too unnatural. Finish with a natural pink blush and some subtle lip gloss! What do you think of this look? Are you as much of an Anna Karina fangirl as I am? MM ⚓

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