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Hair Extensions 101

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Ahoy! Its Pin Up Paula here this time bringing you this Thursdays Beauty post! This week, I'll be giving you a master class in hair extensions!

Nowadays there is a good chance 80% of the girls out there own a set of hair extensions. Some wear them every day to add volume or length to their natural hair, others just keep them to make them feel more glam on special occasions. Whatever the reason, hair extensions have become an important part of our everyday beauty routine!

What kind of hair should I get?

There are 4 different kinds of hair extensions, human hair extensions are always best as you can treat them just like your own hair.

European Hair: Best suited for Caucasian skin types as its soft and easy to manage and work with.

Afro Hair: Best suited for Afro skin types.

Asian Hair: Best suited for Asian skin types.

Remy Hair: Finest quality human hair and it is the most natural in appearance. (Most commonly used in hair pieces/extensions/wigs)

What types of hair extensions are best?

Clip ins: These are the most common type of hair extensions, they are the least expensive, they do not damage hair and you can put them in and out whenever you please.


Glue in Bonds: These take a lot of care and can damage hair badly if not cared for properly. However once they are in they feel just like your own head of hair. Image

Micro Loop Bonds: Just like glue in bonds but with tiny bands instead of glue, these are kinder than glue bonds as they are easier to remove, again they take a lot of looking after.


Weaves: These are easy to maintain and cause very minimum damage to the hair; however they will need tightened every 8 – 12 weeks depending on what type of weave you get.


Braid Weave


Micro Weave

How do I know what colour to get?

Pop into your local salon and if they do extensions they will be able to colour match them to your natural hair. If you have dyed hair you can always buy the hair extensions and then dye them for a guaranteed colour match.

How long will the hair extensions last? Depending on how you look after them hair extensions should last between 3 months to a year.

How do I look after my hair extensions? Hair extensions will last much longer the less you wash them, as washing them often can dry them out, and they really don’t need to be washed often. I recommend about once a month at the max (Clip-ins) if they don’t need it though, don’t bother until they do. I would also DEFINITELY invest in a Tangle Teezer for brushing! Finally some Argan oil, just lightly blend the oil through the ends whenever the feel a little dry.  When shampooing (all types of hair extensions) shampoo and condition DOWNWARDS, DO NOT LATHER your hair extensions, they will get tangled.

I hope this helped anyone who may be unsure about investing in some new locks. Keep up to date with all the Hey Sailor goings on remember you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Come say hi! We love having a natter. Till next time! PP⚓

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