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Fancy Vintage Hollywood Waves?

Looking for a gorgeous vintage hairstyle to go with that fabulous vintage bag you just bought? These beautiful 1920s Hollywood waves will make you look like you just stepped off the red carpet - and you don’t even need a team of A-list stylists!

Using clip-in hair extensions for your vintage waves is a super easy way to give your hair some serious old-school glamour. So why not give them a try this weekend?

First up, get everything you need ready to go.

You will need

  • Your clip-in hair extensions (obvs)
  • A sectioning comb or blunt pencil
  • Clips to keep your sections out of the way
  • Your curling wand or iron
  • Curling clips to pin your curls (optional)
  • A fine-toothed comb for backcombing
  • Your hairbrush
  • Hairspray

Ready for your vintage transformation? Let’s do this ladies…

Clip your extensions in

To start, unless you’re blessed with long luscious locks you’ll need to clip your hair extensions in as you normally would. If you’re new to clip-ins then you can check out this back to basics tutorial on how to apply them. Once you’re all clipped in you’re ready to curl!

Curl your locks

You might be worried about this part but it’s quick and easy – we promise! To create those full Hollywood waves, you curl thick sections of hair so it actually takes no time at all to finish.

Now listen up, this is a crucial tip for making your waves look authentically vintage and not just beach-style wavy! All of your waves need to flow in the same direction. This means on one side of your head your curls will be flowing away from your face and on the other they will be flowing forwards onto your face in a beautiful vintage tumble.

To achieve this, all you need to do is make sure you place the barrel of your curling wand behind each section of hair you are curling on the side where you want your curls to flow away from your face, and in front of each section of hair on the other side of your head where you want the curls to fall forward. Easy, right?

When it comes to curling the top layer of hair, take your comb and create a deep side parting with the larger side on your curls-falling-forwards side.

Clip your curls

Clipping your curls is an optional extra step but we think it makes all the difference. It’s really simple - just catch each curl in your hand as you release the curling wand, gently curl it upwards towards your roots and clip in place using your curling clips. Do this for each layer of hair, leave for a few minutes to cool while you make yourself a well-deserved cuppa, and then release your perfectly formed waves.

Don’t be alarmed if you look more ‘80s perm than vintage goddess at this stage, there’s still a couple of all-important steps to go!

Brush them out

Give your curls a spritz of hairspray and then gently brush them out with your hairbrush. This will transform your crazy curls into those gorgeous, soft vintage waves we want


To finish up, backcomb the roots on the larger side of your parting to give you some extra oomph. Keep the other side sleek and smooth and throw those waves over your shoulder.

Grab a sexy red lippy, flash your biggest Hollywood smile and prepare to take the red carpet by storm!

Want all that in a video tutorial?

Then check out the how to video right here...

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