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Music for Cats

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Morning sailors,

Music For Cats and Entrepreneurship

We saw on the news this morning that a composer has invented music specifically for cats.  We utterly adore cats here at Hey Sailor so anything that's cat-related piques our interest.  Take a look at the video (warning: cute cat called Bacon alert).

The idea behind the concept is that cats hear different sounds to us mere humans.  Cats like to hear things like birds chirping and their mummies purring (AWWWW!).  What does this mean for cats?  They become happier and more content and purr more.  What does it mean for their human owners?  A happy, relaxed cat = a happy, relaxed owner and we all know that studies have shown that a purring, relaxed cat is a stress-reliever for us humans.  Win-win!  Also it makes us feel less guilty about going out and leaving our fur-babies at home.

The music was self-produced by an established US composer and academic, David Teie, after via a whirlwind Kickstarter campaign quickly attracted pledges of nearly $250,000. That caught the eye of Universal, which promptly signed David up to produce the music.  We love crowd-sourced ideas that allow individuals to showcase their talent and we are big Kickstarter fans here.

We're not sure if you can buy it yet but we are totally keeping an eye out and will be downloading it ASAP when we find it.

Shop Cats on Hey Sailor

While i am on the subject: fellow cat-lovers can shop for our cat-themed accessories.  My Cat Lady necklace gets a lot of attention from people when I wear it.


Have a great weekend!

Hey Sailor xx 

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