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OMG it's Kat Von D!

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Actual SQUEEE!

The goddess that is Kat Von D has launched her make up range in the UK and it's available to buy RIGHT NOW!  Literally not been this excited since Illamasqua!

"But where can I buy it" I hear you ask... It's available now online at Debenhams here and then available in store from October in Bluewater and Oxford Street Stores.  Bluewater is a bit far for me so I'll be hitting up London around pay day for some ahem..."investment pieces".

Her range looks as exciting as you'd think it would be and not a million miles away from Illamasqua.  Of particular interest was the Lock It Foundation.  I'm a die hard Double Wear fan and I've never found any foundation that comes close to matching its staying power (and I've tried literally HUNDREDS) so was going to give this a try. I've recently found that Double Wear is a little bit oily on my skin so either my skin has changed or Estee's changed her recipe.   I say I *was* going to try it but after having done due diligence on reviews from the US it doesn't fare well amongst customers - "cakey"  and "chalky" are the main criticisms.  Ho hum. 

However, the Lock It Setting Powder is exciting.  It's £20 so cheaper than Laura Mercier's translucent powder and gets good reviews.  I've realised through experience that a good powder is essential and I've learnt that you can definitely have too much powder on.  I have high hopes for this and I'll be ordering one of these.  YAY!

I've seen loads of praise for the Tattoo Liner by bloggers and on forums but in all honesty I've found the holy grail of liners for only £4.99 from Boots SEVENTEEN - Tattoo Me is an absolute staple and no other liner has its staying power.  Maybe Kat can do better...if anyone has tried both, let me know!

I'm always excited by lipsticks (obvs) but I hate lipsticks that just come off again (yeah, I mean you, MAC).  Or matte lipsticks that stay on but go all manky (again, MAC).    KVD's lipsticks come in a MAC-worthy variety of shades and allegedly stay on.  When I've used up my ridiculous supply of lipsticks (and stop buying cheap Superdrug ones at lunchtime because I've forgotten to bring one) I'll give these a go.

Animal Testing

Brill - Kat does not test on cute animals and never will - see here.   I'm annoyed with MAC and Estee Lauder who have acquiesced on this issue to enter the uber lucrative Chinese market (and interestingly are a bit misleading on their websites) and I am trying to find cruelty-free alternatives as there is no need ever to test on animals.

While we're on the subject - here's our Kat-inspired products on HS currently:


I could literally talk make-up all day!  Let me know if you try Kat's range and I'll blog again when I get my order,




UPDATE: Kat Von D is in the UK - Oxford Street Debenhams - 8th October!!!! See here; Facebook Event

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