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So I had an impromptu visit to the cinema this week with a gal pal to see Bridget Jones' Baby.  I have mixed feelings about Bridget.  I read the Mad About The Boy and I got fed up with her neuroses and inability to get through a day without a self-inflicted disaster, so it was with slight trepidation that I agreed to go.  Here's my thoughts on the film (note: may contain spoilers below).

First of all Bridget is NOT FAT ANY MORE.  I cannot reconcile this in my head. The whole point of the Bridget Jones character, to me, is that she struggles with her weight.  This makes her relatable to viewers and without this I think she's not really Bridget.  I get that characters grow up and move on but it just seems that a whole chunk of her character has gone.  And she hasn't smoked for like 1,927 days....BOOO!  We like these character flaws.

Secondly, unlike Mad About The Boy, Bridget has grown up and if you are expecting her to be faffing around making excuses and getting herself into trouble, then it's not happening.  Instead, 2016, 43 year old BJ is a shadow of this....she still does Bridget-like things but unlike younger Bridget, she's learnt to face up to things and take no shit.  It was nice to see her grow up and mature and act like she is 43.   It's also really nice that she looks 43 and isn't full of fillers and surgery. 

Thirdly, Colin Firth looks like her dad.  Seriously, he looks like Jim Broadbent at times.  I think I am the only person on the planet who doesn't fancy him.  I don't get it.   Also, the American guy (who goes to music festivals ON HIS OWN?!!!) isn't Bradley Cooper!  It's the other guy from Grey's Anatomy who looks exactly like him.

I was totally in love with BJ's style - classic and elegant.  I've put together some style inspiration for you - the film's like product placement bingo!


Bridget's bag is, of course, the timeless Mulberry Bayswater in black.  



I spotted her shoes were these Dolce and Gabbana beauties.  Really, Bridget can afford £625 shoes?!!!  And live in SE1 in her own flat and doesn't work in The City earning loads?  Anyway....

Bridget's festival wellies are from the uber trendy Muck Boot Company.


Bridget, of course, wears the Elsa Peretti for Tiffany open heart necklace.  I found this dupe for £19.95


Our Bridget is bang on trend with these Ray-Bans which I have been lusting after for ages


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Let me know your thoughts on Bridget 

Julia xx

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